Our Story

ByGood Coffee was founded in 2016 by two determined parents Abbey and Darrell Garner who wanted to bring awareness of specialty coffee and loose-leaf tea to the suburbs of Long Island. Our core values are to put people first, listen then respond, innovate continuously and give back to our community.

Our story is in our logo the droplet, coffee starts with a great water purification system, then great roasted coffee, and a highly skilled barista. Our name ByGood Coffee was created from BUY GOOD coffee we took “U” out and created a slogan the only thing missing is U” to buy good coffee. ByGood coffee has been consistently roasting specialty coffee since 2016.

Darrell & Abbey Garner

The City of Winston-Salem, North Carolina is now the new home for ByGood Coffee. ByGood Coffee has seen exceptional growth in the City of Winston-Salem, North Carolina and its Thriving downtown City Center making it The Fastest growing and Vibrant Cities in the Triad region of North Carolina. ByGood Coffee decided to expand our vision, passion and story in the Brookstown Area of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

ByGood Coffee is focused on roasting the highest quality of specialty coffee, by consistently roasting coffee in small batches to ensure that our customers get the freshest roasted coffee delivered to them. Our process in which we select our green coffee is thru our careful selection of coffee farms from different Origins during each coffee harvest.

“If you look at the state of North Carolina, the coffee industry and standards are very high, and the residents here take their coffee very seriously,” said Garner. “It’s an upcoming, vibrant city that is still growing with a diverse community. It’s smack dab in the middle of the state, and we felt it was a need, as far as specialty coffee roasting here.”

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all orders so far have been served either to-go, for outdoor seating, or for a “virtual drive through” facilitated by curbside pickup service platform Swipeby, run by a fellow Winston-Salem-based app company.

“Once you have ordered on our app, it tells us when you arrive and what make and color vehicle you are in, which is simply amazing.”

ByGood Coffee Inside counter

Around the Buckeye, the Garners apply their roasting craft to green coffees sourced through Ally Coffee, Royal New York, Armenia and Genuine Origin, with careful attention to sensory milestones for data logging the old-fashioned way.

“Bygood Coffee has a usual but old school approach to roasting coffee,” said Garner. “Our data logging is a spreadsheet. Starting at one minute then every thirty seconds we capture the environmental temp, internal bean temp, gas gauge position, dial damper position, then the events happening during the course of the roast.”

Abbey Garner takes the lead on house-made syrups, powder-based chai and an organic, loose-leaf line of ByGood Teas. The shop will soon also incorporate a beer and wine program.

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